Aug 4, 2009

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Wally O’Hara writes:

“You are going to love this! I went in to Barnes and Noble in the Mall to get a Cook book for Ruth for Christmas. The store has people wandering around among the bookshelves to help dummies like me who have trouble finding the book they are looking for. A nice lady came up to me and asked if she could help. I said this . . . and only this//”I am looking for a cook book called the ‘Silver Palate’. She found it for me and walked away. I sat at a table to look through the book and after a few minutes she came back to me and asked, “Are you a member of the Cape Cod Mystery Theater?” “I am” sez me. Sez she, “I thought I recognized your voice. . . You play Dr. Scofield don’t you?” “I do” sez me.

Well, we had a fine old chat when I shifted out of the monosyllabic mode. This is what I learned: She is from Ireland and speaks several languages and sometimes works as an interpreter in court cases. She lives on the Cape in the summer and goes to visit her family in Spain every winter. Spain, because that’s where her Irish family goes in the winter, much as many Americans go to Florida in the winter. She is a great fan of the Mystery Theater and has most, if not all the tapes and her collection goes back to Uriah Pillar . . . if that is his name. You recall that I have trouble remembering that my name is Dr. Schofield. Small world Steve. And to think I only spoke 8 or ten words to her. But then being a linguist she is probably sensitive to voice and speech.
This little story should brighten your holiday spirit.”

  1. Jan Brush Torri Brush now says:

    Are you my former wonderful neighbors from Needham?????????

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