Jul 31, 2009

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The Hypnotist

Copyright 1984
42 minutes
Radio Thriller

A comatose witness in the hospital is stalked by a fiendish killer. A compassionate psychiatrist must use the techniques of hypnosis to reach her in time before the killer does. A psychological thriller uniquely suited for radio. Told from the internal perspective of the comatose patient, it guides us through the twilight realm of the subconscious mind, where the real and the surreal coexist, where the past mingles with the present, and where the spectre of terror, once encountered, presents itself in its purest, most elemental form. An explosive climax.

  1. This is the best program CCRMT has ever done. That’s not a knock against the other programs, but rather, it’s the ultimate compliment. This program demonstrates how powerful the medium of sound can be when telling a story. It’s also a sad commentary on the passage of a once respected art form into a mere hobby, thereby leaving a vast resource largely untapped.

    The acting is superb. Mrs. Oney gives a particularly moving performance as a woman imprisoned in her own mind after surviving a violent crime. The music, sound effects and voice talents are all top-notch. The sound effects are used to perfection, replacing the usual trope of first person narration.

    I purchased the mp3 download and the sound transfer is excellent. This program was recorded in 1984 so it was likely captured on tape, but there is little to no tape hiss or artifacts that would suggest sloppy digital remastering.

    If you’re going to spend your money on only one CCRMT production as a test run, make it this one. I’m a jaded fan of crime dramas and mysteries and this still gives me the chills 10 years after my first hearing. If you listen with headphones in the dark with your eyes closed and don’t feel something…you haven’t got a soul.

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