Feb 13, 2012

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Finally, at last,

Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater is pleased to announce  the release of the final episode in the Captain Underhill/Doctor Scofield series, now available on a two-volume CD.

Your patience in awaiting this show has been appreciated and we are sure many of you feel the same bittersweet sense of nostalgia that we feel as we say goodbye to these familiar and well-loved characters.    (Note:  To those of you who have been listening to the show on the installment plan, if you elect to  purchase  on CD, we will refund the amount you have already spent on the five minute downloads.)

  1. Are you still recording radio mysteries for other series? Is CCRMT still in operation? I have just discovered you and your website and wondered if you are thru making new stories and just selling old, or are still coming up with new scripts/performances.


  2. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for writing! Yes, we are still in the biz, and more stories will be coming. Since Steven does all the writing, directing and producing, it just takes us a while to get the next one out. There are many projects in the wings, as well as stories in progress, so no worries.
    And, welcome to our mystery family! It’s great to hear from you and know you enjoy the stories.
    Thanks again,
    Annie and the CCRMT gang

  3. Linda Lopez McAlister says:

    I. I produce the Radio Theatre program for KUNM 89.9 FM in Albuquerque. We used to broadcast a lot of your shows, but haven’t had one in a while. Would love it if you’d send me some newer ones that I could fit into an hour format or divide between two weeks. Linda Lopez McAlister

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