Jul 31, 2009

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The Caller On Line One

Copyright 1983
36 minutes
A Radio Thriller

Tanya Macklin is the host of “Talk Line,” the weekly, advice-on-the-air radio program. Tonight, however, the problems of her listeners are about to take a back seat to one of her own…a problem so large, it will transform her normally sane world into a nightmarish world of terror.

A real-time suspense thriller in the tradition of “Sorry Wrong Number.” When first aired, it prompted a flood of frantic phone calls to the police and radio station and created a traffic jam outside a post office in Hartford.

  1. Tom Fitzgerald says:

    Just found my cassette copy yesterday and listened to it last night. STILL scares the hell out of me!

  2. Nothing aired on the CBS Radio Mystery Theater ever scared me as much as this one episode from Cape Cod.

  3. This is my second favorite episode (after Five Fathom Rip) and it remains as suspenseful now as it was the first time I heard it!

  4. Is this available on CD? If so, how do I get hold of it?

  5. This is a wonderful episode!! It was actually the 2nd CCRMT show I ever heard. The first being The Whirlpool. This one does keep you in suspense throughout the entire episode. I shouldnt’ve listened to it in the dark……

  6. jared mcnabb says:

    I was HOOKED the day my folks let me listen to this as a 6 or 7 year old. I would beg for them to play it over and over….memorizing all of “Dennis Luckhurt’s” lines 🙂 Then one day at breakfast my dad showed me a CCT article about a production being staged. We couldn’t get tickets fast enough and I was thrilled to be in the audience for that show…still a childhood highlight…albeit a bit strange 🙂

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