Jul 31, 2009

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Copyright 1986
68 minutes
Radio Thriller

The unforgettable villain from The Caller on Line One returns. A serial killer records his murders and sends the tapes to the police. A young detective takes charge and enlists the help of a beautiful FBI agent–with a great set of ears–whose speciality is analyzing audio recordings. But will that lead them to the killer before he strikes again?

  1. Mark Silvestri says:

    Groppe, as the killer, left me so skeevy, after hearing this show for the first time, when I had the shows on tape, I felt like I needed a shower. It’s the gender neutral quality of his voice, playing the character of course, that really makes this possibly the most disturbing production out of CCRMT. It’s also the only production I’m ambivalent about owning. It bothered me more than Caller On Line One, which I do own. If this was what you all were attempting, then this is my ringing endorsement;). Keep up the good work!

  2. David Smith says:

    When was this actually published or broadcast? My Audio Cassette from Metacom shows 1984, but you have 1986 as the copyright. Just curious…

  3. Is the killer regarded as the same killer from “Caller On Line One” or is it just a case of using the same type of killer in a different universe? I have to admit when I got these shows on cassette back in the 80s, “Playback” came first in the presentation order and as a result I was unaware that this came second in the production history which consequently had me wondering why we never learned at the climax of “Playback” who the killer is. Groppe is magnificent though “Caller” I have to admit is more terrifying (and more difficult for me to revisit!)

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