Jul 22, 2014

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I hope everyone can link to the article I posted in the link, as follows:
                If the link doesn't work enter in Google or any search engine 
"Pair Guilty Of Mutiny And Murder Shrimp Boat Crewmen Face Life Terms
 In Captain's Death" + "Orlando Sentinel" I'm almost
certain it describes the VERY SAME shrimp boat murder incident that Steve 
mentions as inspiration in the above liner notes! Please check it out because
these two demons definitely pulled some Five Fathom Rip business off the 
coast of Florida.  

Aside from that, 5FR is certainly in my top 3 Steve Oney mysteries. 
It's just such a perfect thriller story. You can taste the brine and culture 
of Cape Cod within much like you can in all of the Cape Cod Mysteries 
but Five Fathom really nails it. And as stories go in the suspense genre,
this one is so scary but so classy. Anyone,like me, who is fed up with the 
current torture porn out there can always reach for the antidote by pulling 
Five Fathom Rip off of the shelf. Good for all generations,
timeless and holds up, but possibly, and sadly, peerless today.

In parting I wanted to send my love and admiration to the CCRMT folks from 
further in land (Philadelphia, in fact). And also had a question to Steve, 
Debbie or whoever could answer it but if I recall correctly it seems 
Steve Oney indicated he was retiring Underhill and Scofield characters of
course and that he had a new one he was working on? Might I guess or suggest
that the formidable Peter Millan (spelling?) hopefully be the voice of this 
new character? He is more of a newcomer compared to the other CCRMT leading
stars we all love like the amazing Stephen Russell and Neil McGarry just to
name two. But Millan has been quite impressive as Helms Kriegle,Ricky Robusto 
and a couple others. Please Mr. Oney post an exclusive
update on the mysterious new character! 

Well that's all for now. See yall next time it rolls in. 
Also just ordered The Final
Case tah day!

Nick in Philly


  1. Hello Nicholas, Thanks for your enthusiastic posting about ‘Five Fathom Rip’. You may be right about the old newspaper article you dug up. Very good detective work! It doesn’t sound exactly like I remember it being told, but the year is about right and it did occur in Florida.
    I wholly concur with your compliments about the actors you mentioned. And you are right about Peter Milan, great voice, good acting. I look forward to working with Pete again. He has been helpful too in several instances in terms of contributing to the script. As Ricky Robusto in ‘Calico Lobster’ he added a few great adlibs while he was being tortured in the lobster tank. Also, in ‘The Final Case’ he made a great suggestion concerning the line of Shakespeare that was being quoted, (I can’t elaborate for the sake of those who haven’t heard the program).
    Yes, there is a new mystery in development –a very big project. The script is almost finished and it will be ready for production this Fall. I can’t say more except to promise it’s going to be as juicy and as intriguing as anything that has come before. Thanks again for your friendly post.

    p.s. If any, among the doddering out there, would like to write us into their Wills or include us in their Life Insurance policies to help cover our considerable production expenses with this one, we won’t kick them out of bed.

  2. Thanks very much, Nick! I’m glad you liked my contributions. I’m always happy to jump in wherever I’m needed, and I look forward to working with the CCRMT crew again.

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