Jul 31, 2009

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Murdering Dickens

Copyright 1996
60 minutes
Radio Thriller/Stage Reading

Listeners are transported back to St. James Hall, Piccadilly, first to eavesdrop backstage on a heated discussion between George Dolby, Dickens’ road manager, and his physician, Dr. Beard, about whether the Chief should be allowed to go on stage to perform yet again another strenuous reading of his murder scene, which although popular, is now poising a grave risk to the Chief’s own health. For Dickens, these performances have become something of an obsession.

The listener is then given a front row seat to enjoy this superb performance, powerfully recreated by George Harland, exactly as it was done by Dickens over a century ago.

(From the annotated reading script, Berg Collection, New York Public Library. Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.)

  1. So where is it? Where can we buy it? How can we listen to it? No link here. I searched through your site, clicked on your “store”, doesn’t seem to be there. Typed it into Amazon, not there either. Finally found it at audiobooksonline.com (after searching Google). Your website isn’t very helpful.

  2. Mike, thanks for the comments. Next time go to “Store”
    then either click on “CD’s” on the top left window, or below that, type in the mystery’s name and it should come right up for you.
    We’ll work on making it easier for next time! Thanks for the input, and hope Murdering Dickens didn’t disappoint.
    Sincerely, Annie

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