Jan 11, 2019

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A child’s first mystery thriller by Steven Thomas Oney (who is the author of the award winning Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater audio series), “Dough Mouse” is the story of an albino church mouse, who is living with his grandfather while awaiting his parents return. The mouse must confront a marauding pirate cat, a stealthy and hungry black snake, three obnoxious cousins, and a greedy and haughty uncle who may in fact be a rat. A great cathedral bell, salvaged by Woods Hole scientists from the bottom of the Atlantic, comes to his rescue. This superbly narrated audio book story is sophisticated enough to be entertaining for adults and yet simple enough to rivet a young listener’s attention. Highly recommended for listeners ages 12 and up, “Dough Mouse” will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to family and community library audio book collections for young listeners.



  1. This is SUCH a great story – for children and adults!

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