Apr 12, 2022

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MICHAEL R. writes:

Dear Mr. Oney:

I want to write to you and tell you how wonderful your Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater radio plays are and that I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

When I look at a listing of the shows, it’s hard to choose among the gems.

I was enthralled by Danger at Seven Mile Bend and The Whirlpool, both magnificent pieces of radio drama.  The Hypnotist was pure poetry. I gasped at Some People Are Missing on Canal Street.  I laughed at the cleverness of the Four Little Beatles.  I loved The Buoy and the Golden Idol.  I shook at the conclusion of Mr. Hugo’s Night to Remember and Caller on Line One.  I fell in love with Molly Neptune in the Calico Lobster.  I bit my nails at Case of the Indian Flashlight. I savored a Test for Murder.

One of the secrets of your shows, I realized, was that you did not have a fixed length, and thus the drama was not subservient to the ticking clock.

The characters of Waverly Underhill and Dr. Alexander Scofield are richly developed and highly engaging.  Their partnership is great.  I was sorry to hear of the passing of Wally O’Hara.

I hope I have shared with you my enthusiasm and great appreciation for your amazing work, and I sincerely hope you produce more original material.

If you have written any prose stories or books I might purchase, I would appreciate hearing about them.

  1. Dear Michael, Thanks so much for your kind letter. It was uplifting. I will make sure it gets passed around to others in our troupe. It was fun to see you list how the different shows have struck you. And thank you for defending our shows’ irregular lengths. We all miss Wally, too; and Dave Ellsworth just as much. Sincerely, Steven
    p.s. Some prose mystery novels are in the works and should be coming out later this year. S

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