Mar 29, 2018

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Auction postponed/ New Captain Underhill in the works

Apologies to our loyal followers for stringing you along for so long with this auction business.   We have indefinitely postponed it.  It kept being pushed back onto the back burner by other projects and there were too many internal squabbles from family members about what items to let go.   Maybe instead of an auction we will offer a grab-bag item to customers purchasing shows.  Especially to those who are collectors.

On the brighter-side, however, and hopefully as a consolation for those who have been patient, we announce that a new Captain Underhill mystery is in the works.  I never thought I would do another ‘Captain Underhill’ but this story is  just too good to pass up.  Temporary title:  ‘The Missing File of Captain Underhill’.

  1. Lanna Seuret says:

    OH, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray for an
    irresistible story idea, especially about such an irresistible
    and favorite character!

    I’ve been checking back periodically to see about the
    “Bull” mystery which I also hope is still being savored.

    I hear how difficult it is to say good bye to key items which are heavily laden with memories and feelings and associations and relationship. I wonder if a celebration/grieving circle would help everyone, as a sacred
    event, to each thoughtfully and with safety (no cross talk, no interruptions) share their favorite memories with some items and be heard with respect and consideration. I have found such sharing to be a remarkable experience.

    Thank you for listening.

  2. Hi Lanna, Thanks for your kind sentiment. The auction idea will be revived at some point. You’re right, it will be nice to share some of these items and memories. As for Stalking Bulls, a copy from a private printing is available now under ‘Posters and more’ in the CCRMT store. The new Underhill, to be titled ‘Riddle of the Bones’ will begin recording this summer. All best, Steve

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