Aug 14, 2017

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RE:  Commencing this Fall, weekly auctions of randomly selected materials from the archives of CCRMT and its author, Steven Thomas Oney. 


Back in my college days, one of my favorite things to do whenever I visited the campus library, was to go and check out the revolving contents of a particular display case which was located at the foot of a wide set of marble steps leading to the cavernous Reading Room.  The display case almost always featured sample pages of original manuscripts by well-known authors: Dickens, Twain, James Joyce, Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, Jack London, Thomas Merton, Jack Kerouac, the list went on.  Sometimes the pages were written by hand, but just as often they were typewritten and included crossed-out lines with scribbled handwritten changes in the margins.

I found these displays endlessly fascinating, not only because they allowed me to observe what words were put down and what taken out, but because they represented the actual interface between the author’s creative spark and what ultimately became the finished work of art.  It was both inspiring and instructional to pour over these artifacts, these treasures.

I had occasion recently to remember this when I was looking around my study and saw the mounds of scripts, manuscripts, artwork and other paraphernalia that has built up in the more than 30 years of producing Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater, and, while I am not by any stretch trying insinuate myself among those authors mentioned above, nevertheless, I am aware, from the many fan letters we have received and the enthusiastic comments we’ve gotten over the years, that a sizable number of folks have enjoyed our programs –many have said they have ‘grown up’ listening to them.  So, the thought occurred to me that some folks out there might appreciate the chance to own some of this detritus –oops, I mean ‘treasures’— finding it educational, inspirational or both.  I am also thinking of those who, like me, have reached the age of nostalgia.

I’m guessing that a chance to own a page or two of the original manuscript from ‘The Caller on Line One’ or the director’s script for ‘The Buoy’ might appeal to some, and I know for a fact some people will want to bid on original CCRMT artwork by the likes of Ellen LeBow, Pier Gustafson, Scott Dickie, Jerry Williams, Michael Woodby and others.

Therefore, the emerging plan is to begin auctioning this material, at random, at 7 day intervals and use the proceeds, whatever they may amount to, to help fund additional CCRMT mysteries.  Doesn’t that sound like a great plan?  We hope you agree.


Steven Thomas Oney

p.s.  Of course, those wishing to make a simple donation and forgo the acquiring part we will consent to that, too.

Items to be auctioned will include:

Scripts, manuscripts, musical scores, uncirculated Penguin/Highbridge and Metacom editions, original advertising, original paintings, original artwork, sound effects props, sound effects and recording equipment, rare photos, rare recordings, stamps, unpublished manuscripts, stage sets, director’s scripts, actor photos, books, bloopers, awards, personal items, including Captain Underhill’s pipes, and other ephemera.

All items will be auctioned ‘as is’


  1. Mike Clark says:

    Any update on when I can start depleting my bank account?

  2. Hi Mike. We’re getting close! Stay tuned.

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