Oct 31, 2019

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I have to know…

How does a person come across something factual…then come up with a completely fictional idea around that fact…then create an in depth STORY around that fictional idea…and THEN create characters and conversations out of ether to bring that story to life??? Since the first time Ali and I listened to one of your stories we were both in awe–not just of the story line–but of the production, the writing–it’s truly remarkable. And the fact that you have written (and this is just an estimate) about 65,000 stories really boggles our minds.


I will admit that going to your show last night was, for me, like finally getting to see my favorite rock band play the Garden (the real one on in NYC, not that wannabe in Boston). I could not wait. BUT I was also a little apprehensive. Would seeing how it was produced and directed take the mystique away??? I was a reluctant participant…BUT, on the contrary, watching you and your incredibly talented wife work the sounds and scripts simply added to the awe in which I feel toward what you have accomplished. Ali and I had such a great time last night and we wanted to THANK YOU for putting that wonderful show together. If you did one-a-month we would be there front and center.

But I left with questions…

Could you use that recording given all the audience laughter?

And the crinkled plastic cup noises..and that incredibly loud plastic bottle hitting the floor in the last 10 minutes of the show, right behind your mics?? Can you “hide” all that??

Also, were YOU happy with the production? Was it up to your expectations?

And most importantly, are you still writing stories…

…and how can I get in on this??

Anyway, please get back to me with all of my inquiries, but really we just wanted to applaud you, and your vision. Your art makes us think, it takes us into another dimension, and it makes us very happy—and really, isn’t that what art is suppose to do?   As Ali said as we walked into the kitchen door after the show..“And to think, this all started with a rubber fish purse.”  HA!!!

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