Dec 6, 2018

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Ali and I are over the moon with your murder mystery theater shows. We finally (FINALLY) had some “down time” with NO distractions, in the form of a road trip back and forth to Florida. We listened to all of the stories you left us and we are HOOKED.

Not only did we love the stories, the dialog is incredibly well written and the sound effects are amazing–terrific fodder for my pickup trucks little home theater. The original music is also incredibly impressive. Several times we had to stop the CD to Google some of the interesting local geography/science/history you threw in each story (The Whirlpool, for example–we had no idea it existed).

Being huge Beatle fans we were so impressed with how you captured each of the 4 members personalities perfectly–and the original song was just fabulous. I also concider myself a “Beatle expert” but had no idea about the West barnstable connecction. STUMPED! By the way, speaking of the church–and Elvis was mentioned while they were in the belfry–did you know that Elvis used the the First Church of Sandwich. MA for an album cover? (You probably did)…

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