Jul 31, 2009

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The Mystery of Anna Gale

Copyright 1998
43 minutes
A Captain Underhill mystery

When little Anna Gale Storm is abducted by a stranger in a white van, the police– and the media — spring into action. Bulletins are issued. The police swarm. News and police helicopters hover near the twin bridges. Anna Gale’s mother, Betsy Storm, is hysterical but must be questioned. The police are desperate, frustrated by the fact that the only eyewitness is a frightened, easily confused, 5 year old named Jody Higgins.

A parent’s worst nightmare, this story is based in part on a true Cape Cod incident. The locale is Point Isabella, Cotuit, off Old Post Road, where, legend has it, Bluebeard the Pirate buried his girlfriend, Hannah Screechum, after he caught her snooping. Now little Anna Gale Storm, by virtue of her recent kidnapping from the same spot, is in line to take her place alongside Hannah’s. Unless Captain Underhill can get to her in time…

Announcer Taylor Mali
Captain Waverly Underhill David Ellsworth
Doctor Alexander Scofield Wally O’Hara
Dispatcher 1 Janet Birchfield
Dispatcher 2 Steve Oney
Officer Boyd Jim Skrzypezak
Officer Hank James D. Geier
Sergeant McWinston Kevin Groppe
Jody Higgins (5 yrs) Colleen Kanaley
Jody’s First Interrogator Don Bliss
John Weatherspoon Taylor Mali
Betsy Storm Laura Garner
Anna Gale Storm (7 yrs) Katherine Oney
Lieutenant Clark Don Bliss
Officer Mike Chuck Powers
Bald Man With Mustache Don Bliss
Neighbors Caroline Tempesta,
Jill Hughes,
Sarah Bumby,
Mary Ellen Slavin,
Rusty Rodreguz

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