Jul 31, 2009

Posted in Captain Underhill Series

The Legacy of Euriah Pillar

Copyright 1983
42 minutes
A Captain Waverly Underhill mystery

Captain Underhill, the retired Cape Cod police captain, has a unique ability. By merely reading the newspaper– and reading between the lines– he is often able to solve cases the working police cannot. Case in point: the strange legacy of Euriah Pillar, an eccentric millionaire who leaves behind a bizarre will, the terms of which set in motion a diabolical chain of events that lead to treachery, deceit and threefold murder. The show that started it all!

Announcer Floyd Pratt
Captain Waverly Underhill David Ellsworth
Doctor Alexander Scofield Wally O’Hara
Waitress Charlene Goudrealt
Legal Secretary Laine Davis
Horatio Salizar, Esquire Sean Herlihy
Leander Pillar Kevin Groppe
Simon Pillar Robert Mazzette
Audrey Pillar Laine Davis
Father O’Conner Dave Ellsworth
Courthouse Operator Laine Davis
Mary Stork, Clerk Laine Davis
Phone Receptionist Laine Davis

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