Jul 31, 2009

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The Curse Of The Whale’s Tooth

Copyright 1985
79 minutes
A Captain Waverly Underhill mystery.

Strange things are happening in the Cape Cod sand dunes. There have been sightings of an unknown creature in the National Seashore, part African lion, part…something else?

Here is the classic Gothic mystery combining a lurking sense of danger in a strongly atmospheric setting, a Hound of the Baskervilles-style case involving the reawakening of an ancient family curse dating back to the whaling days of New Bedford, and a curse foretelling another death about to take place.

Announcer Bob Nolan
Captain Waverly Underhill David Ellsworth
Doctor Alexander Scofield Wally O’Hara
Professor Roger Penniman George McConville
First Mate Jeff Camish
Ship Captain Bob Gianferante
Priscilla Penniman Lee Olive
The Gardener Jeff Camish
Wendell Johnson, Park Ranger Neil McGarry
Nora Penniman Kristie Weimar
Film Director Kevin Groppe
Assistant To Film Director Scott Dickie
  1. hank shafer says:

    Ranks among “3 skeleton key, the hands of mister ottermole, the house in cypress cannon, the gibbering thing, sorry wrong number” as one of the finest radio shows ever aired. Totally unforgettable images, absolutely immersive. Seeing the lion out the garage door, descending down into the sand dunes. Incredible. And Underhill and the doctor rival holmes and watson as stellar characters. priceless.

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