Aug 27, 2015

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TAMMY B. writes:

I just wanted to tell you a little story.  I stumbled upon Cape Cod Mysteries about 20 years ago, when I would listen to old radio programs at night before I went to bed.  I introduced my two children to them and they seem to really enjoy Capt. Underhill over all of the radio programs I had purchased.  So, you can imagine, I had them on cassette tapes!  I always meant to move them to CD’s, but did not get the chance and about 10 years ago, my son surprised me with a few on them on CD’s.  They were not original copies, so as we both listen to his and my favorite, the Curse of the Whales tooth, we were upset the we did not have the ending.  We both knew the ending, but could not listen to it.  This past weekend, my two adult children were with visiting me and we got to talking about Cape Cod Mysteries and which ones we really liked and much to my surprise they remembered a lot of them.  My son told me that sometimes when he does not feel well, which is mainly when they would listen to them, he wished that he really had the Whales tooth as well as a few others.  So, I was determined to find them.  I found your website and was very pleased that I could download them.  The first one was an experiment to see if it would work.  It did and I purchased a lot of the rest of them the next day.  I am putting them onto a MP3 player for him and my daughter and sending the programs and players to them this weekend.  I am sure they will be surprised.

I have enjoyed  and have already listen the Curse of the Whales Tooth, several times already.  Thank you for the radio programs and the Great memories that Cape Cod Mysteries have given myself and my children.

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