Dec 8, 2023

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Suspense thriller ‘Sleeping Policeman’ a perfect stocking-stuffer download


          The date was October 27th, 1964.  That was the famous day on which, owing to a stroke of good luck, the crime spree of Albert DeSalvo ––better known as the Boston Strangler–– finally came to an end.
           Then, in September of the following year, 1965, a new strangulation murder occurred. And, although it remained unsolved and was equally gruesome, it did not set off wide-spread panic or even general awareness among the public.  Not like the Boston Strangler had done.
             Internally, however, within police departments throughout Massachusetts, investigators began to quietly speculate and wonder if history was repeating itself.  Was there now a new ‘Boston Strangler’ on the loose? One following in the footsteps of his predecessor?
              Eleven more months went by. Then, on a hot July evening in 1967, in the town of Brewster on Cape Cod, another violent incident took place.
              This one was to alarm the police even more . . .

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