Jun 16, 2020

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STALKING LIONS: Brand New CCRMT Mystery/Thriller, read by the author

      These are strange times we are living through.  To make the passage easier, CCRMT will begin posting chapters of a brand new serialized ‘radio’ mystery that will feature all the great extras that Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater fans have, for years, been used to getting –i.e. a full cast of actors, stunning array of sound effects, stirring musical underscoring– everything you’ve always been accustomed to enjoying –except, in this case, minus the full cast of actors, the stunning array of sound effects and the stirring musical accompaniment. 

STALKING LIONS  will not be a single-episode radio show, but rather a serialized mystery/thriller that will run to over 40 chapters.  Because of the show’s length, and especially due to the limitations placed on us by our sequestering, this is a story that will be rolled out as an audio book, or book-on-tape. 

The story features a new protagonist.  As author, Oney, explains: When I was a young writer, my principle protagonists were an elderly, retired  police captain and his loyal physician sidekick (Captain Underhill and Doctor Scofield).  Now that I have reached that doddering stage myself, I have elected to reverse things and write about a young protagonist –Parker Robinson– a college student who is currently on probation  for playing hooky for a half semester by running off to Hawaii to go surfing and whose uncle, Frank Robinson, is the Boston Police Commissioner.  This is sort of a Hardy Boys type of mystery but with more humor, more sophistication, more intrigue and more suspense.  Definitely more suspense. Parker is a bit more reckless than Captain Underhill ever was, but his heart is in the right place.  Personally, this is absolutely one of my favorite mysteries.  I love the characters and I love the situations.  While there may not be a full cast of actors in this one, there will definitely be a full cast of memorable characters: including Parker’s s Hawaiian girlfriend, Loni Kim; Zeus, the Wonder Dog; Aunt Ruth, his ever-fretting guardian aunt; as well as a whole host of villains and no-goods.

  STALKING LIONS will be posted here as each chapter is finished, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, we hope you are all staying healthy out there.  Doctor Scofield would surely be telling you to mind what the health professionals are telling us.

Steven Thomas Oney 

STALKING LIONS, A Parker Robinson Mystery,  Volume One, Chapters 1-6:

STALKING LIONS, A Parker Robinson Mystery,  Volume Two, Chapters 7-12:


STALKING LIONS, A Parker Robinson Mystery,  Volume Three, Chapters 13-17:


STALKING LIONS, A Parker Robinson Mystery,  Volume Four, Chapters 18-22:


STALKING LIONS, A Parker Robinson Mystery,  Volume Five, Chapters 23-26:


STALKING LIONS, A Parker Robinson Mystery,  continues in new post,


  1. Michael J Belluzzi says:

    I enjoyed Stalking Lions very much. I found the story highly suspenseful, with plenty of adventure, and just the right amount of humor.

    Parker Robinson is an exciting and interesting new character. I am looking forward to the next story in the series!

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