Jul 31, 2009

Posted in Tales of Suspense

Some People Are Missing on Canal Street

Copyright 1991
48 minutes
Radio Thriller

It begins as static…then, you hear a voice, desperate, frightened, coming from a shack in the Cape Cod dunes, broadcasting his story to anyone who might be listening. He tells an unbelievable tale of missing persons and an unseen enemy that may already have conquered us.

Is he insane? Is he deluded? And most terrifying of all, is he telling the truth?

Some People Are Missing on Canal Street was written as an experiment to try to duplicate the same shock in the listener that was generated by The Mercury Theater’s legendary production of The War of the Worlds. In that production, near the end of the program, a lone survivor hides out in a shack, trying to contact someone, anyone. “2X2L…2X2L….isn’t there anyone on the air?!” Excellent for Halloween.

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