May 22, 2010

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To those trivia hounds and those of you who have been keeping track of  the American Idol craze and recent, long-running contestant, Siobhan Magnus of Cape Cod should be aware that she’s not the only one in the family who has shown talent and the desire to go theatrical.    Siobhan’s two older brothers, a younger sister and even her mother have performed roles  in Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater episodes:    Brother Rory Magnus has had two small cameos in   ‘The Queen is in the Counting House’ and  ‘Don’t Touch That Dial!’.   Brother Joe Magnus plays two major parts: as Paul McCartney in ‘The Case of the Four Little Beatles’ and as  Will O’Neal in ‘The Case of the Calico Lobster’.    And in the upcoming ‘Captain Underhill and the Ghost of Christmas on Trial’ mother, Colleen Magnus, and baby sister, Azora Magnus, have brief speaking parts.   Hmmm?  There’s a thought, how about a radio thriller about the murder of a judge during a televised talent show?  We’ll call it  ‘Death Comes to Hyman Howl’.    Or has someone already thought of it?

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