May 6, 2010

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I’m so pleased right now I just had to write in.  My 27th birthday just passed, and my lovely mother got me CCRMT on CD as a present.  Plus I got a card to go with it!  🙂  It’s been about 14 years since I first heard “The Caller on Line One” in the car while leaving a Chuckie Cheese, and I was fascinated by the stories I heard.  Mom listened to them in the car whenever we drove, and I think I ended more of a fan than even she was!  And it was pretty nice that we could get the tapes from the library and the Borders in Indiana.  But the newest ones (starting from episode 22, I think) are never in the stores, so it wasn’t until now that I finally got to hear Captain Waverly Underhill and Dr. Scofield again, and I’ve sorely missed them.  Now all I have to do is somehow get a CD version all the old episodes I had on tape!  I really do want to listen to the Junebug Mystery again.

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