Jun 4, 2011

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  1. If I really think about it, I would definitely have to put Five Fathom Rip as one of my top three favorite Tales of Suspense. It still gives me a sense of dread, especially the scene involving the riding turn. ::shudder:: You know what’s coming, and it still shocks the hell out of you.

    But despite the creepy crawly feeling I get, I love, love, LOVE listening to Stephen Russell as Bobby Winslow. The little mental quips he would think but not say always got me. “There was only one honorable thing for me to do…I was gonna sneak out” is still one of my favorite quotes, mostly due to the wonderfully self-righteous yet sheepish way Mr. Russell delivered the line. Five Fathom Rip pretty much solidified him as one of my favorite voice actors on CCRMT.

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