Aug 6, 2021

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Sample volume 1 of STALKING LIONS a Parker Robinson Mystery

“He who has his hand in the lion’s mouth, must pull it out as best he can.”  


You have to feel for the guy:  Yes, he’s safely back at college, but still on probation. What’s more, he has a floor counselor who hates his guts and wishes him dead, and the dean of the school wishes he could expel him and blames Parker for the bad publicity generated when he appeared, semi-nude, on morning network TV as the likely suspect in a campus coed’s strangulation murder case, even though all the poor boy had done was try to go to the poor girl’s aid.

Then there is the gorgeous identical twin who thinks Parker may, in fact, be her sister’s killer, until Parker convinces her otherwise and then agrees to help her find the real killer, even if it means pretending to be a model, going to a sleazy modeling studio downtown, searching the tunnels under the Morningside campus, tracking down an absent-minded professor, attending rah-rah football games with sis-boom-bah alumni, one of whom ­­––one with very deep pockets, who has his eye on Parker––­­ has strikingly leonine features.  But Parker’s bloodhound instincts lead him from ‘the frying pan’ into the ‘fire’, or in this case from ‘the rowing tank’ to the ‘fizz vat’.


STALKING LIONS, A Parker Robinson Mystery,  Volume One, Chapters 1-6:

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