Aug 4, 2009

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Program Audio Samples

Check out these samples of our productions!

The Caller on Line One (1:50)
The Legacy of Euriah Pillar (:48)
The Case of the Indian Flashlights (1:50)
The Queen is in the Counting House (1:16)
The Whirlpool (3:04)
Danger at Seven Mile Bend (1:50)
The Buoy (2:05)
The Curse of the Whale’s Tooth (3:23)
The Hypnotist (2:23)
Murder from the Bridge (1:38)
The Golden Idol, the Magwitch, and the Donkey’s Tail (1:43)
Some People Are Missing on Canal Street (2:24)
Mr. Hugo’s Night to Remember (2:01)
A Test for Murder (1:45)
Five Fathom Rip (1:52)
Playback (2:07)

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