Aug 9, 2013

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Volume V Audio Cassette

Volume V Audio Cassette


“The Whereabouts Of Heidi McKnown”
Lottery winners Henry and Pamela McKnown have their luck stolen from them when their four-year-old daughter, Heidi, is kidnapped. Years pass without a word and the McKnowns, coping with their grief, are slowly rebuilding their lives. Then the cycle of terror begins again, as a carnival psychic shows up on Cape Cod, claiming to have made contact with the spirit of the dead child. Though Heidi’s voice comes through in a seance, Underhill is convinced it’s a fake. He enters the case to expose the charlatan and discover the whereabouts of the missing child. Limited Edition, very few available.

“The Curse Of The Whale’s Tooth”
Strange things are happening in the Cape Cod sand dunes. There have been sightings of an unknown creature in the National Seashore, part African lion, part…something else? Here is the classic Gothic mystery combining a lurking sense of danger in a strongly atmospheric setting, a Hound of the Baskervilles-style case involving the reawakening of an ancient family curse dating back to the whaling days of New Bedford, and a curse foretelling another death about to take place.

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