Aug 9, 2013

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Volume IV Audio Cassette

Volume IV Audio Cassette


“The Case of the Shooting Star”
A meteor explodes in the summertime sky over Cape Cod, and a man is struck dead by a flying fragment. A freak accident, it is supposed, until Captain Underhill and Doctor Scofield, checking into the science and history of meteors, as well as the laws of probability, are led to form a different conclusion. In 1935, James M. Cain wrote the classic insurance fraud mystery, Double Indemnity. Here’s a story that could be titled Triple Indemnity. Limited edition, very few available

“The Golden Idol. The Magwitch And The Donkey’s Tail”
Lady Kemp is worried. Her granddaughter, Carmeline, is about to marry Victor Fabloose, a French playboy who may be a gold-digger…or a poisoner. Captain Waverly Underhill is offered $25,000 to make sure the marriage never takes place. To succeed, he devises a clever scheme involving real buried treasure–a solid-gold statue of a pirate as big as a chocolate Easter bunny. Underhill also borrows a chapter and page out of Charles Dickens while adding an ingenious new wrinkle to a thousand-year-old lie detector test.

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