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Volume III Audio Cassette

Volume III Audio Cassette


“The Buoy”
Edward Wolcott is an innocent tourist abducted from his motel room, taken by boat, and strapped to a large sea buoy in the Woods Hole Passage. His strange night bobbing alone at sea turns into one of sheer terror, when he realizes the current is slowly dragging the buoy under. An excellent Halloween story, this Pit and the Pendulum-style thriller places the listener on the buoy with Mr. Wolcott to experience the terror first hand. Strap yourself to the sofa… we’re going down! Limited edition, very few left

“Five Fathom Rip”
Bobby Winslow is a hard-on-his-luck, independent Cape Cod fisherman who takes a calculated risk venturing out to the Five Fathom Rip area of George’s Bank. His luck holds until the tide turns…one man drowns in the net, another is sliced dead-on-the-spot when a winch cable snaps. These accidents prove anything but accidental. Now the suspense really begins!

“The Case of the Murdered Miser ”
A literary flashback combining the creations of Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol) and Erle Stanley Gardner, this courtroom melodrama poses the questions: What if Ebenezer Scrooge was murdered, found strangled in his bed with a bell cord knotted around his neck and a stake of holly driven through his heart? And what if the man charged with the crime was his own employee, Bob Crachit? Appearances are made by a youthful court reporter, Charles Dickens, and that most famous of English barristers… Sir Percy Mason.

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