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Volume II Audio Cassette

Volume II Audio Cassette


“Mr. Hugo’s Night To Remember”
A mystery lampoon recorded live at the Woods Hole Community Hall, July 15, 1989. Hugo LeGrand, “The Great Hugo,” is determined to defy public opinion and be the first to help himself to the loot from the sunken Titanic. Together with his hapless pilot, Mr. Smalley, they discover a surprise much greater than teacups and saucers. Limited edition, very few left

“The Hypnotist ”
A comatose witness in the hospital is stalked by a fiendish killer. A compassionate psychiatrist must use the techniques of hypnosis to reach her in time before the killer does. A psychological thriller uniquely suited for radio. Told from the internal perspective of the comatose patient, it guides us through the twilight realm of the subconscious mind, where the real and the surreal coexist, where the past mingles with the present, and where the spectre of terror, once encountered, presents itself in its purest, most elemental form. An explosive climax.

“The Legacy of Euriah Pillar ”
Captain Underhill, the retired Cape Cod police captain, has a unique ability. By merely reading the newspaper– and reading between the lines– he is often able to solve cases the working police cannot. Case in point: the strange legacy of Euriah Pillar, an eccentric millionaire who leaves behind a bizarre will, the terms of which set in motion a diabolical chain of events that lead to treachery, deceit and threefold murder. The show that started it all!

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