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Volume I Audio Cassette

Volume I Audio Cassette


” The Caller On Line One”
Tanya Macklin is the host of “Talk Line,” the weekly, advice-on-the-air radio program. Tonight, however, the problems of her listeners are about to take a back seat to one of her own…a problem so large, it will transform her normally sane world into a nightmarish world of terror.

A real-time suspense thriller in the tradition of “Sorry Wrong Number.” When first aired, it prompted a flood of frantic phone calls to the police and radio station and created a traffic jam outside a post office in Hartford. Limited Edition, very few available.

“A Test for Murder ”
Dr. Alexander Scofield encounters his friend, retired police captain Waverly Underhill, at a Provincetown art opening. Then they both encounter a murder. The celebrity judge is stabbed in the back upstairs. Downstairs, there are seventy or eighty guests, one of whom must have done it. Captain Underhill takes charge and quickly devises a simple but ingenious test that will force the killer to reveal himself. ” Playback ” The unforgettable villain from The Caller on Line One returns. A serial killer records his murders and sends the tapes to the police. A young detective takes charge and enlists the help of a beautiful FBI agent–with a great set of ears–whose speciality is analyzing audio recordings. But will that lead them to the killer before he strikes again?

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