Aug 9, 2013

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The Whirlpool (MP3)

The Whirlpool (MP3)


Copyright 1999
60 minutes

A Captain Underhill Thriller

Captain Underhill and Doctor Scofield, vacationing up from Cape Cod, encounter more adventure than they sought.
First, they offer a ride to a beautiful park ranger. Then, they’re kidnapped by an escaped convict. To top it all off, they are all swept into a harrowing merry-go-round on a busted-loose ferry platform, which is being sucked into the spiral maw of one of Nature’s most awesome displays, a monstrous tidal whirlpool fourteen hundred feet across. Musically rich and with awesome sound effects and a marvelous cast, The Whirlpool features John Stead, o.b.e. as the Announcer, regulars David Ellsworth, Wally O’Hara, Stephen Russell and introducing Jade Rutanen.
This story is based on a real natural phenomenon. Just off the easternmost point of land of the United States is situated a rare natural phenomenon; the Old Sow, one of five large size whirlpools in the world, and the largest ‘true’ one, meaning one formed from multiple colliding currents. Passamaquoddy Bay is the breeding ground for the Old Sow and her piglets; Eastport, Maine is where you’ll find it.

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