Aug 9, 2013

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The Case of the Indian Flashlights (on CD)

The Case of the Indian Flashlights (on CD)


Copyright 2000
74:55 minutes
A Captain Waverly Underhill mystery

For CCRMT’s 20th anniversary, we bring you a sequel to our very first Captain Underhill mystery, The Legacy of Euriah Pillar. This one’s called The Case of the Indian Flashlights.

The Case of the Indian Flashlights picks up the trail twenty years The Case Of the Indian Flashlightslater, after the dust has settled and the case nearly forgotten. Euriah Pillar’s strongbox, formerly a buried treasure that became a piece of courtroom evidence, now has become a sought-after item for collectors of crime memorabilia. It has fallen into the hands of one such person, a crooked antiques dealer known as Augie Nickleswipe (Stephen Russell) who runs a shop in West Barnstable. A beautiful law student, Roberta Salizar (Christine Rathbun), and a sweet old lady, Mrs. Clattershaw (Bernie MacPherson), also enter the fray. The reluctant-as-usual Doctor Scofield tags along with his friend, the retired police captain, Waverly Underhill, as he cleverly sets snares and unearths clues that lead the detective duo to an ancient tunnel running from a tavern under Route 149 and into the West Barnstable Burial Ground, where lies the crypt of Jabez Howland.

Carol McManus reprises her role as Tishua, the West Indian cook from The Case of the Automatic Murders. Old Tishua delivers the opening monologue, an amalgam of Cape Cod history and mystery, that sets up the tale which spins itself out, answering many questions along the way, including one already implied: Exactly what are ‘Indian Flashlights’ and how do they end up saving the lives of Captain Underhill and Doctor Scofield?

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