Aug 9, 2013

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The Case of the Four Little Beatles (MP3)

The Case of the Four Little Beatles (MP3)


Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater Presents:
“The Case of the Four Little Beatles”
A Captain Underhill mystery-puzzler
Total running time: 74:47
(Act I: 38:26; Act II: 35:21)

Copyline: The Day the Beatles secretly came to Cape Cod is both an historical fact and the departure point for this sendup of Agatha Christies’ classic mystery play, “Ten Little Indians”.

Stellar cast includes regulars Dave Ellsworth and Wally O’Hara; Beatles sound alikes; as well as Jerry Nelson, voice of numerous characters from The Muppet Show and Sesame Street (e.g. Count Von Count)

Synopsis: One day after their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles secretly slip off to Cape Cod . Seeking shelter from a freakish mid-February thunderstorm at an old village store, the Fab Four discover themselves pursued by a sinister character, menaced by the town bully and now, alarmingly, disappearing one by one. Manager, Brian Epstein, and bodyguard, Mal Evans, panic. Fortunately, Captain Underhill and Dr. Scofield are on hand.

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