Mar 20, 2023

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STALKING BULLS a Parker Robinson mystery

STALKING BULLS  a Parker Robinson mystery


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STALKING BULLS, another kind of theater of the mind.  You’ve enjoyed them on radio; now read them in print.

YOU CAN SYMPATHIZE WITH PARKER ROBINSON:  On the one hand, he has a guardian aunt who thinks he’s a responsible college student but doesn’t know he’s on probation for skipping a half-semester’s worth of classes to go surfing Hawaii.  He has a Polynesian girlfriend whose face could launch a thousand outrigger canoes.  He has a dog that listens only to him.  He drives an antique ‘bullet’ Thunderbird that belonged to a late uncle and another uncle, who is the Boston Police Commissioner, who offers him a summer’s internship provided he not involve himself in police business.  Parker agrees.

But this is before the Isabella Stewart Gardner Art Museum suffers its second major break-in-and-art-heist and Parker realizes he must involve himself to save his uncle’s job.  However, doing so leads to unintended consequences: such as his girlfriend being kidnapped.  To free her, he has to come face to face with a modern-day Minotaur ––must confront it and wrestle it–– even though it means pitting the monster’s brute strength against Parker’s youth.

Stalking Bulls is the first book of a trilogy, which includes Stalking Lions and Stalking Chickens.  

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Dimensions 6.78 × 4.25 × 1.00 in

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