Mr. Hugo’s Night To Remember

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Copyright 1988
58 minutes

A mystery lampoon recorded live at the Woods Hole Community Hall, July 15, 1989. Hugo LeGrand, “The Great Hugo,” is determined to defy public opinion and be the first to help himself to the loot from the sunken Titanic. Together with his hapless pilot, Mr. Smalley, they discover a surprise much greater than teacups and saucers.

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3 reviews for Mr. Hugo’s Night To Remember

  1. EJP

    By far the worst episode of Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater. This was nothing more than hack propaganda for Robert Ballard and his demagoguery about never bringing up an artifact from the Titanic (even though he had been on record as favoring it in testimony before Congress) and demonizing the artifact recovery work done by RMS Titanic, Inc. The recovery of Titanic artifacts has done far more for preserving the legacy of the ship than anything Robert Ballard has ever done.

  2. steve

    EJP’s review of ‘Mr. Hugo’ demonstrates why the handling of the Titanic site still remains a subject of contention. As author of this show, I must admit I have not followed the controversy as it has continued. Once they started bringing up artifacts, I thought the die was cast. It was no longer going to be a sacrosanct place. EJP is probably right that the recovery work has certainly done a lot for preserving the artifacts and, by extension, preserving the legacy of the ship. I still stand by my original sentiment that it would have been better if they had gone down and taken pictures but left everything as it fell in situ. I am sure EJP is correct that not everyone associated with the recovery efforts, like the people of the RMS Titanic, Inc., had ignoble motives. They were not all little ‘Mr. Hugo’s’, who, after all, was a caricature meant to be lampooned. However, there is no doubt that avarice and greed sometimes entered the hearts of many who coveted these treasures. I should know, I definitely would have wanted to own a plate or a teacup myself, and I cherish the correspondence I received from Titanic survivor, Eva Hart. Steven Thomas Oney

  3. EJP

    I appreciate your reply to my comment. In the interests of disclosure, I first heard this in the mid-1990s at a time when I was very active in Titanic discussions on the net and found myself blindsided by the hostility and vitriol that existed on this subject. It was simply not a good time for me to have heard this given what was going on then in Titanic discussion.

    But for this experience, my listening to CCRMT has always been enjoyable and thank you for the many fine stories and productions.

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