Aug 9, 2013

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Captain Underhill Uncoils the Mystery (on CD)

Captain Underhill Uncoils the Mystery (on CD)


Retired police captain Waverly Underhill and his sidekick, Doctor Scofield, uncoil the mystery in two chilling adventures. Heard on public radio, each is a contemporary taale in the classic tradition of The Shadow, with a full cast, original music and sound effects.

The Whirlpool
Underhill and Scofield offer a beautiful park ranger a ride, get kidnapped by a convict, and are sucked into a whirlpool.

And they’re supposed to be on vacation.

The Cobra in the Kindergarten

Captain Underhill is both a snake and a charmer. When a lethal cobra is seen near a school, he’s the logical person to call.

Fully Dramatized; 1 3/4 hours on 2 compact discs



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