Dec 21, 2016

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‘Captain Underhill and the Ghost of Christmas on Trial (MP3)

‘Captain Underhill and the Ghost of Christmas on Trial (MP3)

$10.95 $6.00

Blind, Salvation Army bell ringer, Rosie McGinty, suffers a grievous bodily assault and robbery of her kettle outside Brindle-Halls department store when she is struck from behind by what may have been a boomerang. A concerned Doctor Scofield pits his persistence against Captain Underhill’s initial reluctance in getting him to take up the case. Lacking any eyewitnesses, including the victim herself, Underhill devises a clever plan to entice the mugger, or muggers, into striking again. When his trap succeeds it leads to a shocking courtroom confrontation that both Sherlock Holmes and Perry Mason would have been proud to be part of.


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