Aug 4, 2009

Posted in Fan Letters

Mike C. writes:

“I am happy to say I have finally listened to all of your mysteries. With the exception of the new ones on CD which I will purchase after the holidays. I really enjoyed all of them. The only one I did not really understand was THE HYPNOTIST. Every other one was great. I especially enjoyed the suspenseful build up in MURDER FROM THE BRIDGE. I think it was very clever. You touched upon a fear of mine. I HATE driving over the Bourne Bridge. I remember one time our car broke down on it. Being stranded on it was VERY scary and MURDER FROM THE BRIDGE brought those fears back to life. I also was amazed that at the beginning of the show, you can hear the sound of the cars above you on the bridge. It sounds SO AUTHENTIC!
I had to tell you how much I enjoyed them! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

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