Aug 4, 2009

Posted in Fan Letters

Mark D. writes:

Favorite line: ‘Who do?’ ‘You do!’ ‘Voodoo’ — in Automatic Murders? Also, references to previous episodes, as when Underhill reminds Scofield of ‘his admiration’ for the lady in the ‘Heidi McKnown’ episode leading to his suspension of good judgment.

I like these kind of subtle references to
earlier episodes, as it gives more depth to the relationships of characters
and also is a pleasure for the long-time follower of the adventures of
Waverly and Dr. Scofield

FavCharacter: Underhill and Scofield equally–the relationship between the two is what adds enormous human interest to the series!

Sequel: ‘The Whirlpool.’ Perhaps my favorite episode, as it was the first
one I heard. ‘Murdering Dickens’ would be a close second, as I think it
would be an unusual challenge to write a sequel to this in keeping with the spirit of the series!

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