Aug 4, 2009

Posted in Fan Letters

Lori P. writes:

Hello. I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your efforts to make sure my order was received in time for a special occasion. It was very thoughtful of you and truly appreciated. As I stated in my email, the Cape Cod Mystery’s have been enjoyed and remembered fondly by my entire family. I just wanted you to know that your programs were and will continue to be fun, and entertaining for all us. My husband who passed away three years ago, was a very big fan of radio programs. He collected many of them as they were a comfort and source of entertainment when he was a child in the 40’s. He was particularly fond of The Shodow, Inner Sanctum, The Whistler, I Love A Mystery, Johnny Dollar and many, many more. Years ago, I took a chance and purchased a few sets of your cassettes for him. He was quite fond of them. Our family would often listen to them at night, when we would travel in our motor home and camp along the Oregon coast. We weren’t at Cape Cod, but we had the environment that made them even more fun. It’s hard not to get into things when you can hear the ocean surf quietly crashing out your window, while you play your favorite Cape Cod Mystery. They were great then and I’m sure the cd’s I have ordered will be a treat as well. I hope to eventually purchase the entire set. The Whales Tooth was such a favorite, that, my son, who was quite young at the time, purchased a mounted whales tooth from a shop along the coast that was beautifully carved. He felt he had his own whale’s tooth and always had it handy while listening to the program. He still has it and cherishes the memories that the radio programs rekindle. Again, many thanks for your thoughtfulness . I look forward to ordering more in the future and keeping the joy alive.

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