Aug 5, 2017

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LANNA S. writes:


I'm not sure when "soon" was to occur, but for some reason I am reluctant to
relisten to the whole series
- a normal annual event - until the new mystery comes out.  

It could be because so many favorites were Captain Underhill et al , and I am really
still grieving the loss of the actor who played him, knowing many others must feel
as I did, that he was,in his acting persona, though irascible, a thoroughly,
dependably likable character who over time, was something like an uncle.

I first heard an early CCRMT mystery on PBS radio, and had to scramble for a long
time before finding the Theatre, where more delights awaited; so your
creativity has been a very meaningful part of my life especially in comparison with
what else is available.  

I shall be patient, but must say, I anticipate SB's release with delight!

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