Jan 6, 2011

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I remember hearing my first CCRMT program on a PBS station, the  
quality of which was  startlingly good!  For some reason, it took a  
long time to follow up and discover the source, but when I did, it  
was as a dedicated fan.

Some day, I hope to come to Cape Cod, and see you all and the  
studio!  I'm glad Steven Oney is going to create a new series to  
replace Dr. Scofield and Captain Underhill.  It will enshrine their  
work, and give it the special place they certainly deserve in  
Steven's opuses.  I was quite sorry to learn
of the actor's passing, but it was warming for me to learn that all I  
had felt and enoyed in his character was really there.  Leaving a  
unique creation behind
as his legacy that reaches so many people is quite a eulogy!

Good intentions for continued joy and success.

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