Aug 4, 2009

Posted in Fan Letters

Kris B. writes:

Must tell you my brief story. About 16 summers ago, my 3 sisters and our gaggle of kids spent a long weekend at my sis’s place in Hyannis. After a long day we bathed said dozen kids, sent them to the basement recroom turned slumber party room, turned the lights low and put on the tape “Curse of the Whale’s Tooth”. It was a big hit and gave us tired Moms a break. Well, now my 23 year old son (then 7) who is summering in Eastham and is on their summer police force calls me to say he thinks he found the house from Whale’s Tooth, the Peniman house in Eastham, as he was driving around in the cruiser. That story must have made a big impression on him! It really was/is a good one. So now I’m off to meet up with him and get him a new recording of the old tape. And pick up a few news ones too.

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