Jul 29, 2009

Posted in Captain Underhill Series

Keep up with Captain Underhill and Doctor Scofield

“Captain Waverly Underhill…yes, I know him quite well. A retired gentleman, widower, former police captain. He lives alone in a bungalow in Dunwiddie Village, just outside Hyannisport. You’ve seen him, perhaps…tall, white-haired, with drooping eyebrows, wearing a bow tie and blazer, strolling along Main Street…or sometimes in Bermuda shorts and sandals with his knobby knees showing, walking along the beach at low tide, lost in thought, occasionally bending over to examine a seashell.”

This is our introduction to Captain Underhill, the retired policeman who still finds himself, more often than not, solving crimes and chasing down killers and thieves. With the assistance of his good friend and beleagured physician, Doctor Alexander Scofield, Captain Underhill uses his keen mind to solve the case with a style all his own.

Keep up with Captain Underhill and Doctor Scofield; their adventures begin with The Legacy of Euriah Pillar, and continue to Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater’s concluding Captain Underhill production, ‘The Final Case of Captain Underhill’.

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