Sep 3, 2012

Posted in Fan Letters


I came across your site while searching for CCRMT episodes 
to download.  I found a number of MP3 download sites that 
listed trailers, but each had links to your site for the 
full download.

My 22 year old daughter is about to start a long drive across 
the country to begin her graduate studies in engineering at 
Stanford. When she was 5 or so we came across some of the 
CCRMT cassettes at a book store on Block Island where we used 
to spend a week each summer..  We absolutely loved them and 
listened to them all the time.  I'm hoping the collection of 
MP3s, which I intended to burn onto a CD for her, will keep her 
entertained as she drives from NH to CA.

I'm delighted that the actors will get what's due to them.  
These radio mysteries were just amazingly produced and 
wonderfully entertaining.  Thanks so much to all!

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