Aug 4, 2009

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Jimmy F. writes:

I want to say how much I enjoy listening to Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater on tape. The first time I listened to one of the episodes was back in the summer of 1989. My mother, for her birthday, got a bunch of classic radio shows on cassette. I don’t think she ever listened to them, but I was sort of curious about what they were like. I was twelve years old at that time and I sort of thought that they might be boring to listen to. After all, I did grow up watching T.V., playing with my friends and playing video games. But yet, I was still curious about the tapes.

Finally I went into my parents’ room one night and took the tapes to my room. On the tapes were classic radio shows like: The Green Hornet, Screen Director’s Playhouse, Sherlock Holmes and of course Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater. The episode was called “Playback” which was perfect for me since I have an interest in acting and tape recordings. I remember putting the tape in and listening to the episode and loved it! I thought the story was well written and very interesting that a psychopath would actually tape record his murders. The people that worked on it did a very good job with it.

As a kid listening to the tape, I always wondered what the actors looked like. Especially Kevin Groppe who played the killer. Every time I would hear Kevin Groppe perform on the tape, I kept picturing an African American woman or Michael Jackson. LOL!! (I know that his character was disguising his voice but I always thought it was pretty interesting.)

I used to listen to the tape over and over again until I finally lost the tape due to moving. I recently found the tape “Playback” with two other episodes “A Test for Murder” and “Caller on Line One” at the library and took it home. (Kevin Groppe used the same voice in “Caller”). Well, I listened to “Playback” and fell in love with it again. I went online last night and googled CCRMT.

If you don’t mind me asking, who started this program and how many years has it been?

Also, what has Kevin Groppe been up to these days?

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