Mar 19, 2020

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It’s a foggy night in quarantine.  A perfect night! . . . for a mystery’ (THE BUOY)

Synopsis:    Edward Wolcott is a stranger abducted from his motel room, taken out and strapped to a large sea-buoy in the Woods Hole Passage.  What begins a night of uncomfortableness turns into sheer terror as the tide reverses direction, and the current begins dragging the buoy under.

A Soundscape Mystery.  An excellent Halloween, Pit and the Pendulum-style thriller that places the listener right out on the buoy to experience the terror firsthand.

                                        ‘THE BUOY’


Announcer . . . . Floyd Pratt

Woman Innkeeper . . . . Carol McManus

David Halpole . . . . . . Thom Dutton

Edward Wolcott . . . . . George McConville

Man in Sailboat . . . . .Steven Oney

Sailboard Captain . . . . John Todd

Produced by Steven Thomas Oney and Mark Birmingham,  Engineers: John Todd and Mark Birmingham.  Additional engineers: Brad Aaron and Scott Levitin, Music composed and performed by Mark Birmingham  Recorded at Ht Recording Studio, Cape Cod and Rosemead Studio, Los Angeles, written and directed by Steven Thomas Oney.  Black and white artwork by Ellen Lebow,  Color artwork by STO


  1. I discovered a CCRMT presentation about 20 years ago while driving home one Halloween night. NPR (WHYY) was playing “The Buoy.” I got home, and missed the ending! It took me several years until I discovered CCRMT by chance and found The Buoy again. I loved it, and have been a fan ever since. The stories and special affects are so well done that you get completely drawn in. Kudos to all involved in making them.
    Highest regards, and stay safe.

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