Sep 1, 2013

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A grandfather meets once a week over lunch with his six-year-old grandson to tell him a story he is making up about a Cape Cod mouse.  These lunchtime sessions are secretly recorded, and now, Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater listeners can hear  the wonderful results.


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Not a book-on-tape.  More than a radio mystery.

‘The Mouse Made of Dough’ is a charming Christmas story and a child’s first thrillerdownload-2 for all ages to enjoy.



Senior producer of CCRMT, Steven Thomas Oney, explains. “Our usual policy is to return unsolicited material, but the letter that came with these raw tapes so intrigued us we had to listen.  Our first reaction was that the sound quality was surprisingly good.   Second that the grandfather’s voice and dramatic delivery was superb and the mouse story itself very engaging.   The problem with the recordings was that they also included the interruptions by the grandchild and conversations between the two of them that could not be edited out. This should have been the death knell to any potential the recordings might have had to become a commercially viable children’s story, however, just the opposite proved to be true.  The more we listened and the longer we eavesdropped on their relationship, the more interested we became in them, until, by the end, we were as keen to know how things would work out for the humans as we were for the mice in the story.”

A Christmas Story certain to become a Cape Cod Classic.





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