Aug 4, 2009

Posted in Fan Letters

Gill writes:

Hello. Would this reach Stephen Russell!. I don’t know if this will reach. Stephen. I have been listening with fascination to some Audio file someone linked me to. Cape cod Radio Mystery Theatre. I have loved listening to the snippetts! I live in England and have not been able to find any before now. I just love all your voices. Ever since my love of Thief began. I love the Theatre too although Not acting. It looks truly wonderful In that part of America. We still nearly all go on to the Thief forums regularly and all the fan made missions. Will there never be anymore?? I have just listened to ‘ The Whirlpool’ I just loved it. I can of course unfortunately only hear a snippet. I loved the voice you did for it The voices you can do are amazing to me. I so loved, all the Thief Series. Garrett and Karrass. Garrett ‘Oh Yeah He’s gone’ . Then the Guard may christened ‘Benny’ the rather daft funny one.. It was not your voice was it?. I don’t know

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