Jul 31, 2009

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Edgar Allan Crow and the Purloined, Purloined Letter

Copyright 2003
114 minutes (Part I 46:00, Part II, 48:00)

When the Antiques Roadshow rolls into town, antiques dealer and allegedly reformed con man Augustine Nickleswhite III is on hand. Unfortunately for “Augie Nickleswipe,” so is his old enemy, Captain Waverly Underhill. And when identical twins uncover a hoard of Edgar Allan Poe memorabilia, it’s a race to see who’ll get their hands on it first. Enjoy this double-length episode full of twists and turns, and try and answer the question: Who’s conning who?

Announcer Steven Oney
Joyce Paula Hersey
Rory Michael Clark
Brady Hendricks Andrew Eley
Guard Mark Lloyd
Sandy Linnehan Patience Martin
Helms Kregel Peter Milan
Scotty John L’Abbe
Captain Waverly Underhill Dave Ellsworth
Errol Yahtzee Michael Mellor
Earl Yahtzee Michael Mellor
Owner #1 Wife James D. Grier
Owner #1 Husband Greg Smith
Appraiser Three Thomas St. Eve
Augustine “Augie Nickleswipe” Nickleswhite III Stephen Russell
Ceramics Owner #1 Jim Bronsdon
Dr. Alexander Scofield Wally O’Hara
Greta Gunerva Deborah Oney
Mary Krippencough Hannah White
Professor Yuri Krippencough Don Bliss
Agnes Musgrave Bernadette MacPherson
Thirsk Favier Ed Cochran
Courier Peter Russell
Additional Voices Natalie Miller
Jean Bates
Philip John Stead
Judith Stead
Anne Whittier Geier

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